Inga Swearingen

Hi, I am a fan after being given a copy of First Rain by a voice teacher(Vanessa Purdy) in Yarnell where we live. (Yes that is where the fire was).... anyway I just saw that you are doing a house concert in Burien, WA. I will be there just before then but will extend my stay to get to see you both the 5th and 6th at Seattle Jass Vespers. HOWEVER, I tried to email for reservations and directions to the address on your site and it did not go through. It was LL@LanceAnd which got bounced back to me. Do you have other contact info. so I can reserve seats? I wish I was around SLO for the summer concerts, but maybe next summer - I hope you do them again!
Rosalie Lechner

Inga Swearingen responded on 09/28/2013

My dear Rosalie,

I am so very, very sorry for just getting to my fanbridge questions now. I have let you down. I will indeed be in Seattle Oct. 4-9th. The house concert on the 5th is unfortunately sold out but there is plenty of room at the jazz vespers gig on Sunday, Oct. 6th, and it is free! I'll be playing with saxophonist Anton Schwartz and bassist Jon Hamar. Here is a link for more info.

Also, if you or anyone you know would be interested in coming to Cornish for a free workshop with me on Oct. 9th, I'd love to have you! Here is a link for more info on that as well. I don't know if you'll still be in Seattle at the time, but just in case. (Click on Oct. 9th on the calendar)

Thank you so much for your loving support Rosalie (even though it took almost 4 months to get a response). Yes indeed, I hope to see you in Seattle or in SLO!


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