Inga Swearingen


do I have to hear it from Kathleen that you two sang together recently?

do you REALLY hate me that much? (kidding.)

catch me up, what's goin' on? I miss your brilliance.

best to the baby boy, to mo, britta, -- the whole crazy family.

stay brilliant!

bill Wilson
323.662.7677 (y'know, in LA, where you like NEVER come anymore.)

Inga Swearingen responded on 10/02/2013

Dear Bill,

Hello my friend. I am sorry for not letting you know about the Moira Smiley/ Rose and the Nightengale gig that Kathleen and I sang at. I drove down with my mom and Stellan and drove back to SLO the same night. I failed to let anyone know I was doing it and I'm sorry.
All is well here, busy chasing this little boy who has just started walking. And he is on the go! Music is happening in the cracks, like lots of lullabies and songs about putting on pants and diapers and stuff. REAL improv. Mo is working hard, Britta is teaching dental hygiene in the clinic and loving it, and my folks are awesome.. So supportive and involved with Stellan's life.
How are you doing? What is new in the LA Land? How is writing?
Thank you for reaching out to me. I hope you are well and happy.

warmly, inga

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