Inga Swearingen

Next 3 concert venues?!?
Amazing concert @ the SLO Botanical Garden! I loved the piece that you did with your Father - such a sweet Valentine's Day present to all of us in the audience!!! :)

Inga Swearingen responded on 02/16/2011

What a fun day that was! Thank you so much for joining us and letting us join you! We loved it.. Playing "Caravan" with Papa was a thrill, he is so much fun.

Next three venues, I will sing this Friday night at the Clark Center with Damon Castillo and the SLO Symphony.. It will be jusy one song that I join him, but the entire concert will be REALLY good! After that I have a little break with local shows, but will post anything that comes up on my website.

Thank you soo much!


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